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Common Name: Rose Hydrosol (aka Damask Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose)

Botanical Name: Rosa x damascena (synonymous with Rosa bifera, Rosa calendarum)

Rose Hydrosol is produced during the essential oil distillation process and can be a valuable addition to your beauty regimen.

It is effective as a toner for all skin types as it is impregnated with water-soluble (hydrophilic) compounds that are not present in essential oils.

Soothing, anti-inflammatory carboxylic acids are found almost exclusively in a hydrosol and provide mild astringent capabilities while being non-drying.

Because of their gentleness, a hydrosol is particularly well suited for use with children, the elderly and those overcoming illness.

It is excellent for use with sensitive skin counteracting the drying effects of long airplane flights, air-conditioned rooms and cars.

The benefits of using hydrosols are especially noticeable when used daily.

Rose Hydrosol is especially beneficial for soothing and moisturizing mature skin.. It is best stored in refrigerator.

Application Method: Shake well; hold 12 inches from face, close eyes, and spray. Rose Hydrosol can also be used as a body mist, room and linen spray, and in cooking.

Botany: A deciduous shrub growing to 7 feet tall with beautiful pink roses.  It is a hybrid derived from Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata.

History: Rose was probably the first flower from which a hydrosol was distilled from in 10th century Persia. The great Arab physician, Avicenna, is credited with harvesting and distilling the first Rose oil.  The crusader Robert de Brie is given credit with bringing the Rose from Persia to Europe sometime between 1254 and 1276.  The higher cost for Rose distillate is due to the enormous amount of rose petals that are needed and the harvesting conditions required to create an ounce of oil. Rose has been traditionally called the Queen of Flowers. 


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