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Hydrosols are produced during the essential oil distillation process and can be a value to your daily regimen. Hydrosols are highly effective toners for all skin types as they are impregnated with water-soluble (hydrophilic) compounds that are not present in essential oils. Soothing anti-inflammatory carboxylic acids are found almost exclusively in hydrosols, providing mild astringent capabilities while non-drying.

Hydrosols are gentle enough for children, the elderly and those overcoming illness. They are excellent to soothe sunburned skin, gentle on sensitive skin and counteract the drying effects of long airplane flights, air-conditioned rooms and cars. Pleasant to use in a bath or on the skin after a bath. Hydrosols are also very effective as an after-shave and skin toner or to use after a wax treatment or facial. Especially beneficial when used daily.